Why I quit my job?

My name is Quynh and I am a software developer with a few years experience. I had been working for a Japanese company called Sun Asterisk (Sun* - that was known as Framgia) for two years. But in 6 last months, I was seem bored when working there. I just tried to complete my work because of responsibility. There were something really really not matching my career path. And finally, I decided to quit before finding a new job.

I relax in nearly a month and have a journey to look for a new job opportunity. After refreshing myself, I really know what I expect from the new job. There are three main reasons:

First, I just love coding. I have never thought I would be a manager, only code, code and code. So, I would love to work with software difficult problems. I want to be a senior software developer rather than a senior manager.

Second, English is quite important for me and I need to improve my skills much more. I am a Vietnamese person and English isn't my National language. I still try to study English but it's so difficult to use well in listening, speaking, reading and writing. It's wonderful if an English company gives me a chance. I will be better quickly in the English working environment.

Third, nobody exists without money. I prefer a job with more challenges to get the good salary.

I hope I will find a suitable job in some next weeks.

What about you?

Have you ever quit your job? and Why?

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Ya, i quit my previous job like a year ago after i got my current job. Because i always felt like i am not learning anything from the job (or way less growth in my knowledge compare with my actual growth level). If you ask me,

were you made the right call?

I definitely say yes. I am a fresher, gaining experience and exposure to lot of things is what i should be more concentrated on.

Before you completely burn out you made the right call for career.

All the best.

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Thanks for the post. I am glad that you have set your priorities and are taking steps to achieve them! Best of Luck. :)

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The only way to be better is working harder

I completely tagged it. Thank you!